Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yvonne Yaar - Art Starved Creator- My Artist Statment

Yvonne Yaar
Glass Artist
Fused/Kiln Formed, Slumped, Recycled & Flameworked

Yvonne has loved glass since she was a little girl. It's sparkly, transparent, yet full of color- what's not to like?! She appreciates glass more than diamonds. Really. Melting diamonds in front of a torch is a bad thing. Putting them in a kiln isn't a good idea either. So where is the fun in diamonds?

She has lived on three continents and these experiences have affected her deeply. She feels this has played a role in her "out of the box" thinking.

She drives her husband crazy because she sees everything as art. You can't throw art away. When Yvonne does throw something away, she makes a point of announcing it to her husband, because she loves to see him smile. She feels blessed that he supports her addiction- oops-I mean passion for art.

Yvonne has taken classes at Salem Community College in Carney's Pt, NJ; one of the few entities in the USA that offers a Bachelor's Degree in Glass Art. She was on the Dean's list when she attended and she also took a class at Urban Glass in Brooklyn, NY. However, she is primarily self-taught. She has a BS from Indiana University in Interior Design, with a minor in Business Administration. She has exhibited and sold from multiple galleries, museums, and boutiques in the Tri-State area {NY, NJ, &PA].


riverguy07 said...

Yvonne also somehow found the time to found and lead the Toms River Artists' Co-operative. Her efforts have helped area artists in terms of exhibition opportunities, learning, and connecting with other artists. The organization will also play a key role in helping to revitalize downtown Toms River. Great job Yvonne...THANKS for keeping us moving forward!

Art Starved said...

Thanks for your kind words Riverguy :)