Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Business of Art

Art. The process of creating can be a religious experience, something sacrosanct for many artists. But after you're done creating your masterpiece, what now? How will you market your art- how do you sell it? You say- By exhibiting of course. But is that enough? NO. Art is a business just like any other. To get "your product" out there you need to be a business person. You need to network. Most artists' don't have the where with all to spend thousands of dollars on expensive marketing/advertising campaigns. Most of us can't afford an agent. So once again, HOW do we do it?

The internet. The internet is just one answer, but a very good one. There are dozens, if not hundreds of networking opportunities that are FREE.

* Networking on line has endless opportunities. I have spent hours looking for different ways to network on line and the availability of sites seems never ending.
* You can build a contact list from on line networking.
* You can promote yourself, send out reminders about upcoming events/ exhibits.
* Some on line sites allow you to post images of your art!
* You can post your resume and or your bio/ artist statement.
* Networking on line allows you to reach a demographic much larger then the city you live in.
* Networking keeps you organized.

Some Networking sites:
BriteFuse [from Career Builder]
Art Perk
Art Chain
Linked In
Face Book

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