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Opportunity in Hudson, NY

nternational Deadline: November 30, 2008 - SlowArt Productions presents Emerging Artists 2009, the seventeenth annual competition for group exhibition, and awards. Open to all artists working in any media this event is devoted to the discovery, introduction and promotion of emerging artists.

The competition is open to all artists, national and international, working in all media. All forms of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, graphics, digital and installation art are eligible. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older to apply.

  • Cash Award: A $1000 grand prize cash award will be presented to one artist.
  • Publication Awards: One artist will be awarded a two page display in 2009 edition of Direct Art Magazine. Two artists will be awarded one page display pages in the 2009 edition of Direct Art Magazine.
  • Gallery Exhibition: A group exhibition of the artist winners will be held at the Limner Gallery, March 7 - 28, 2009.
  • Internet Exhibition: The exhibition will also be featured on the Limner Gallery web site.
Wall mounted works must not be taller than 96" no wider than 120". Sculptural work must fit through a standard height, 36"wide entry door.

Image Presentation Guidelines
Artwork submitted may be represented either by 35mm slides, prints up to 8.5" x 11" in size, or digital image files. Prints may be any format, photographic, laser, ink jet are all acceptable. Each slide or print must numbered and labeled with artists name, title of work, media, and dimensions of work. List the same information on the entry form image list.
  • Digital Specs: Digital image files may be submitted on PC platform CD, DVD or 100mb Zip disc, TIF or JPG format are acceptable. No files larger than 15MB please. Include a reference sheet with prints representing the images on the disc. Next to each print write the artist, title, media, dimensions and file name. Write the file name on the corresponding entry form image list.
Digital files submitted on disc are best if they are in PC format. We can read Mac discs and CD's (CD is recommended), but occasionally there are problems. If you work in PhotoShop on Mac save your images as TIF files and select PC format when saving them. Files can be saved as TIF or JPG files. If it is not an inconvenience you may include two files of each image, one JPG low res, 72dpi and one higher res TIF 300dpi file. The TIF file can be up to 11 inches tall or 9 inches wide. This is good because if you are selected the low res file will be used for the web site and the high res can be used for print in the magazine, on invitations or promotions. These two files of the same image will count as one entry (similar to one slide). However, if you do not have access to high res files without paying to have them made, you may submit only the low res files. In this case if you are selected we will ask for the high res file at that time. It will not affect your entry to exclude the higher res file.

CD's must be accompanied either by sample prints of the work on the CD (as in prints above) or by a single sheet with small (approx. 2") prints of the entries. Next to the small images on the single sheet write the entry info, name, title, dimensions and media. The accompanying prints are required because once your CD is viewed the jury will refer to your prints rather than reload your CD each time they want to look at the work. If you submit a CD without the prints your work will not be properly represented to the jury and may be rejected on that basis alone.
  • Slides: Artists submitting slides should use 35mm format. Do not submit larger transparencies. 35mm slides can be both projected and placed in our 8.5" x 11" slide viewer. Larger transparencies will not be projected or placed in the viewer. Be sure to write or label the slide with your name, title, dimensions and media. If your name is not on the slide and it is separated from your return envelope it may not be possible to find the envelope and return it to you. Remember, the first round of jury selection is not done with a projector, it is done with a light box and a magnifier. If your slides are underexposed or if the image is not clear you risk rejection on this basis alone.
  • Prints: Any type prints up to 8.5" x 11" in size are accepted. Be sure to include your name, title, dimensions and media on the back of the print. Prints that are faded, dull, lacking in contrast, too small and otherwise badly made will not properly represent your work.
  • Email or Web Page entries: Email and Web Page entries can be used but are not encouraged as a CD submission is a little easier for the jury to view. Email or Web Page entries should be used if you can not submit a CD or have other restrictions such as an inadequate or expensive international postal service. We only accept low res files submitted via email. Files should be sized no larger than seven inches (177.8mm) @72dpi and saved as JPG format. If using PhotoShop save the JPG at image option 5 with format set to optimized.
Entries can be submitted as an attachment within a single zip file, or pasted into the email window. Entry form contact info should be written in the email message, or included as a text file in the zip attachment. In Web Page entries, images should be posted to a web page and the URL submitted in the email instead of the digital files. Include all the entry form info: name, title, dimensions, media in the email message that accompanies the images and the web link. Payment for Email and Web Page entries may be made via PayPal at the time of entry.

Return of Materials
Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelope (SASE) must be included with sufficient postage for the return of materials. Artists outside the US may include international reply coupons instead of stamps, or may add return postage cost to their entry fee at a rate of $1.00US per ounce of mail. Ensure that your materials fit easily inside your return envelope and you have enough postage.

Artists will be notified of acceptance or non-acceptance no later than December 31, 2008. Notification will be made by mail using the SASE provided by the artist. Artists who do not want their slide or print materials returned must still provide a self addressed stamped #10 (letter size) envelope to receive mail notification. All artists who provide a working email address will also be notified via email, if no email or return envelope is provided, artists will only be notified if accepted.

SlowArt Artist Notification Policy
The policy on artist notification is as follows:
  • SASE: The SASE is a self addressed stamped envelope for the return of your materials. It must be large enough to contain the submission materials and also must have enough postage for their return. For example, four slides inside a standard 9" x 4" envelope will weigh over one ounce, so a single stamp on such a return envelope will not be enough for their return. Also the SASE must be addressed legibly for it to work, illegible writing may result in loss of the submission materials.
  • All artists who provide the SASE are notified by mail using the SASE provided. The notification letter is included with the return of the artists materials--slides/prints/CD etc. The SASE must be affixed with sufficient postage to return the materials. Artists who do not include sufficient postage may not have their materials returned.
  • International artists who are unable to obtain US postage will receive a notification with the return of their materials only if they provide return postage in the form of international postal reply coupons, or if these are unattainable, additional postage added to their entry fee at a rate of .80US per ounce of mail. In this case, artists should write "postage paid" on the spot where stamps would be affixed to the return envelope.
  • All submission materials submitted without a return SASE will be considered as disposable and discarded.
  • Artists who submit disposable materials and wish to receive notification by mail must include a letter sized return envelope with a single stamp for their notification letter.
  • All artists who submit a working email address will be also be notified by email. It is very important to carefully print or type your email address. Artists who write their email address in a manner that is difficult to decipher may not receive their notification.
  • All artists who submit disposable materials and do not include a return envelope for a notification letter and do not submit an email address will only be notified if they are accepted to exhibit.
Our goal is to notify all artists and to return all materials submitted with the SASE. However, some artists call and complain that they did not get their notification and/or SASE back. It is important to follow the guidelines above in order to avoid this problem.

Here are some examples of things that frequently cause problems:
  • Return envelope is too small to hold the materials submitted.
  • Return envelope has insufficient postage to return materials.
  • Artist provides stamps but no return envelope.
  • Artist provides return envelope with no stamps.
  • Return envelope is submitted with stamps but no return address.
  • Handwriting on return envelope is so bad that the post office can not read it. (Type or print to avoid this)
  • Handwriting of email address can not be deciphered so we can not read it for email notification. (Type or print to avoid this)
We work carefully and do the best we can to assure everyone gets notified and/or their materials back. Occasionally a return is lost by the postal service, or damaged by a postal sorting machine and returned to us months later in pieces inside a plastic bag. This is unfortunate but sometimes happens.

Entry Fee
There is a $35 entry fee for up to four slides, prints or digital image files; $5 for each additional. Make your check or money order in US funds, drawn on a US Bank, payable to SlowArt Productions. Artists who wish to pay by credit card may use PayPal. [Use this link for credit card payment] Print the PayPal receipt and include with your entry.

There will be a 30% commission on any sales made during the exhibition or off the web site during the one year promotion.

The final postmarked deadline is November 30, 2008. There will be no extension of the deadline, all entries must be postmarked by that date. Winners will be notified by December 31.

Complete Application (Download) and submit with 1) Materials, 2) Entry Form, 3) SASE, and 4) Entry fee, payable to SlowArt Productions, to:

SlowArt Productions
Emerging Artists 2009
123 Warren Street
Hudson, NY 12534

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