Monday, April 6, 2009

Magnitude Seven - Call for Small Works

International Deadline: April 24, 2009 - Every year Manifest calls for little works of art from around the world. Like short poetry, they are a challenge to craft with the same presence of their larger counterparts. Each exhibit brings in hundreds of powerful yet diminutive masterpieces for our jury to mull over. Inevitably we end up with a gallery full of diverse, compelling, and exquisite little gems. Manifest’s patrons eagerly await the Magnitude SEVEN event each year. So without further ado, we offer this call to artists to submit works no larger than seven inches in any dimension (any proportion). Standard presentation devices like mats and frames that are not considered part of the work of art are not limited by the 7" criteria.

Magnitude SEVEN is open to everyone. Professionals as well as students are encouraged to enter. The only limitation is that entries must represent original works of art or design no larger than 7 inches in any dimension.

Open to all traditional and non-traditional genre and media.

Jury and Curator:
Manifest's selection process involves a complex two-part system. This exhibit will be juried by a 5-7 member panel of professional and academic advisors with a broad range of expertise. The jury will then pass along their recommendations to the exhibit curators who will make the final selections from the jury-approved pool.

Manifest will produce a full-color catalog documenting the work selected for exhibit. Exhibitors will receive a 50% discount on one copy of the catalog. For examples of past catalogs visit Manifest Press. Discounted price is only valid through the close of the exhibition.

Delivery and Return of Work:
All work accepted for the exhibition must arrive ready to install. Works not gallery-ready, or not exhibiting good craftsmanship, may be omitted from the exhibit. Accepted work that differs significantly from the entry images or suffers from poor presentation, will be disqualified. Work may be hand delivered or shipped. Shipped works must be sent in an easily reusable container/packaging with return shipping prepaid. Works will be returned in the same manner as delivered or via UPS/USPS. All work must arrive at Manifest by the specified date (see deadlines link). Accepted work will remain on display for the duration of the exhibition.

Works will be insured while on gallery premises. Insurance covers theft, vandalism, damage caused by gallery patrons or staff (in accordance with insurance policy). PLEASE NOTE: Insurance does not cover damage caused during shipping due to any reason, including mishandling by carrier or failure of packaging to protect works in transit. Also not covered is damage caused to work by failure of the work itself, its mounting systems installed by the artist, or disintegration/degradation due to the nature/quality of materials or craftsmanship.

Entry Fee:
Each work submitted must be accompanied by a $10 non-refundable entry fee. Number of entries is unlimited. Entry fee must be paid by check or money order made payable to MANIFEST, or by credit card via PayPal. (If paying by PayPal PLEASE use the paypal link provided on the page that follows the submission of the online entry form. Download Application for details) Detail images may be included at no additional cost.

Sale of Work:
All work, unless indicated as not for sale (NFS), will be available for sale during exhibit. Manifest Gallery will retain a commission of 30% on all artwork sold during the exhibition.

In an effort to conserve resources Manifest now accepts only digital images for consideration. (see details below). The Gallery will retain the submitted images of accepted artwork and reserves the right to use the images in publications and gallery publicity. CD's of works not selected will only be returned if accompanied by a SASE. (digital entries and online form submissions preferred)

Digital Format:
Digital images can be submitted on CD or by e-mail (send to: The email and online submission process is HIGHLY PREFERRED because it makes our process more efficient and saves postage and materials for the artists. Hi-Res, print-quality images will be requested for accepted works upon conclusion of the jury process. If suitable images are not provided, the work may not be included in the catalog.

To send via email:
The email should include the artist's full name as subject along with 'Magnitude SEVEN submission.' The images must meet the following specifications: File names = artist's last name followed by the entry number as noted on the entry form (i.e. Jones1.jpg, Jones1detail1.jpg, etc.). The image files should be in HIGH QUALITY JPEG format, images should be no smaller than 1000 pixels in any direction and 72dpi. Images must be oriented properly (i.e. top of image is top of artwork). Video work should be sent with similar naming conventions in quicktime compatible format.

To send on CD/DVD:
Clearly label the disc with the artist's full name. File specifications for CD submission - (see e-mail specs. above)

Download Application. Online Entry is available, see Application for details.

If sending through the USPS, mail materials to:

Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center
P.O. Box 6218
Cincinnati, OH 45206

Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization located in East Walnut Hills in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Manifest enhances the role of art and design in society by cultivating and focusing the transformative power of creativity in the visual arts. Manifest benefits people in the local and global community, including professionals, students, and the public, by creating quality centered experiences focused on contemporary visual arts and related activities in the context of creative exploration.

Manifest Gallery serves as a venue for the display and experience of insightful, thought provoking art and design, and functions as a hub for creative research and innovation at all levels of artistic endeavor.

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