Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 23, 2009 Take Action Today!

NJ Arts, History and Tourism Promotion Support in Jeopardy Once Again.

YOUR help is needed NOW!

Yes, you read it right. Once again state arts, history and tourism promotion support is in jeopardy. Governor Corzine's FY2010 budget proposes levels below the minimums specified in the 2003 Hotel/Motel Occupancy Fee--the dedicated revenue stream designed to stabilize State cultural support and prevent this from happening.

Our cultural industries braced for a budget cut, knowing full well that all funding sources would be tapped in the current fiscal climate. The "below the belt" cut, though, was not expected because legislation stipulates that the tax can no longer be collected if the minimum levels of support are not met in the State appropriation.

The budget proposal is now in the hands of the State legislature and ArtPride needs YOUR help TODAY to let your elected officials know that NJ arts, history and tourism are important to you and to our economy. Please visit the ArtPride web site and click on ACTION ALERT. You will find an email message that hits all the right notes and tells our state legislators that these creative industries stimulate our economy and make a real difference in communities throughout our State.

If you'd rather write a letter, you can print it out and mail it, using our talking points. We encourage you to tell YOUR personal story of how New Jersey arts and history make YOUR town a great place to live. Other information is located on the ArtPride web site--click on ACTION and then Arts Advocacy Tools.

Whatever you do, please ACT NOW! Arts and history groups are already suffering from decreased contributed support and competition for the comsumer's shrinking disposable income. They need YOUR voice of support to keep State dollars at the minimum required by law.

Questions? Call ArtPride at 609.443.3582 or email us at Thanks in advance for your help (don't forget...don't wait, ACT NOW!)

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