Monday, June 6, 2011

Artist Opportunities

Looking for Exhibition Space?
The Holmdel Theatre Company is seeking to support local artists by displaying their work in our lobby. The next upcoming show is HOUSE AND GARDEN which runs July 15 through 30. and DROP DEAD which runs November 4 through 12.
We would love to have the artist come to look at the space and set their pieces up as they would like them displayed. Our lobby does not have a lot of wall space. We display on several small easels set up on a large table. The easels hold pieces up to about 2 feet wide / tall comfortably, but we may be able to accommodate some larger pieces by purchasing additional easels. In the past we have displayed between 6 to 8 pieces. We have made up signs with the artist's name, personal statement & purchasing information. We also include this information in the program as well.
Work can be for sale. The Theatre is not requesting a commission.
An effort is made to match the theme of the play with the artist's theme when possible. HOUSE AND GARDEN, anything that you might see displayed in a very traditional, upscale British house. For DROP DEAD, we can go modern and funky.
Full insurance on the building which is kept locked unless a member of the Board of Directors is there.
Contact: Rebecca 732.946.0427

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