Monday, May 24, 2010

Jams In The City Entertainment

SATURDAY & SUNDAY, AUGUST 28 & 29, 2010 in Vineland, NJ
Jams In The City Entertainment & the Boys & Girls Club Of Vineland are again teaming up to present thousands of men, women and children in family groupings with a weekend of entertainment, culture, relaxation and togetherness. Display, demonstrate and sell your products and services to an enthusiastic and receptive audience.
The festival is scheduled to take place from 12noon to 8pm each day in Giampietro Park.

• 10 X 10 booth space Exhibitor Spaces located at various locations inside the Park

• Free event open to the public B.Y.O.G. – Bring Your Own Generator
A. Craft vendor/exhibitor......$100 per day / $150 both days
B. Food vendor......$200 per day / $300 both days
C. Corporate exhibitor......$300 per day / $500 both days
To further inquire about this vendor/exhibitor opportunity, please call Dorian Gilmer at 609-813-1250.
JAM IN THE PARK MARDI GRAS FESTIVAL AUGUST 28 & 29, 2010 Giampietro Park, Vineland, NJ
A festive and entertaining atmosphere of music, performers, vendors, exhibitors, food, treats and fun will be presented all day to attract thousands of consumers. Please complete the following information and submit your payment asap!
First Name___________________________________ Last Name_______________________________ Phone____________________________________ E-Mail__________________________________ Best Time(s) to Reach You_________________________ Address______________________________________ City, State, Zip_________________________________
Business Name______________________________________________________
Briefly Describe Product(s) and/or Service(s) ___________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________
How Many People Will Be Working Your Booth? ____________________________________
(1) I/we agree to participate in JAM IN THE PARK FESTIVAL, managed by JAMS IN THE CITY ENTERTAINMENT. I/we understand that I /we will have access to consumers for approx. eight (8) hours 12noon-8pm each day for up to 2 days. First come first-served, and may only be reserved with a signed agreement accompanied by full payment. Total space fees are due to accompany this form unless otherwise agreed to by event organizer. All spaces are: 10 x 10 ft. and vending operations must be contained within contracted space.
(2) I/we understand that the booth cannot be shared with other businesses and all items displayed must be approved by JAMS IN THE CITY. I/we will comply and be responsible for all local and state permit requirements and all Merchantile, Health Dept. & Fire Dept. regulations.
(3) Please reserve the indicated number of space(s) for me/us on the date(s) indicated at JAM IN THE PARK:
Circle Choices and Then Indicate Date(s) and Number of Tables or Booths X Vendor Fee = Amount Due DEADLINE FOR RESPONDING WITH PAYMENT IS JULY 1, 2010. FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED. Rates Per 10 X 10 Space (indicate your choice(s))
A. Craft Vendor/Exhibitor......$100 per day / $150 both days (___)Sat, 8/28/10 + (___)Sun, 8/29/10 X _________ space(s) X $___________ = $___________________
B. Food Vendor......$200 per day / $300 both days (___)Sat, 8/28/10 + (___)Sun, 8/29/10 X _________ space(s) X $___________ = $___________________
C. Corporate Exhibitor......$300 per day / $500 both days (incl. 2 tickets to Fri. MG Bash) (___)Sat, 8/28/10 + (___)Sun, 8/29/10 X _________ space(s) X $___________ = $___________________
(4) Signature __________________________________ Date ____________ Total Amt. Enclosed $_______________
Vendor / Exhibitor Booth Registration
Contact Information
Business Information
By My Signature Below:
MAIL COMPLETED FORM & PAYMENT TO: DORIAN GILMER, P.O. Box 1502, Atlantic City, NJ 08404-1502

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