Wednesday, March 10, 2010


New Jersey Repertory Company is holding EPA's on Monday, March 29 from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM (1:00-2:00PM lunch break) at Actors Equity Association, 165 West 46th Street, 2nd Floor Studio B for: SUNLIGHT , A National New Play Network Rolling World Premiere by Sharr White
Director: SuzAnne Barabas

Matthew Gibbon, liberal lion and university president, may have finally gone too far in his battle against the conservative Dean of the law school, his son-in-law and former protégé. His daughter is caught between them and the entire university community is up in arms. The personal and political collide in this stunning contemporary drama about loyalty, power, and torture memos.

SPT TIER 4 + pension/health. Housing provided for out-of-area performers. All rehearsals will be in Long Branch, NJ.
Rehearsals begin on or about June 15, 2010. Performances July 8 - August 15, 2010.

Charlotte Gibbon: A fiercely talented lawyer in her mid-thirties. Charlotte has in the last few years developed an intense, focused coolness in almost everything she does. At seemingly inexplicable intervals, though, her dispassionate sense of control swings suddenly from icy detachment to a quiet, mournful vulnerability.

Matthew Gibbon: Charlotte’s father, President of a small private East Coast university. An imposing man in his sixties, Matthew is bullish, charismatic and enthusiastic to the point of childishness. His quick moodiness and even quicker ebullience are often undermined by his almost comic incompetence with things mechanical and practical; the mark of a man who has been doted over all his life.

Vincent Krieger: Charlotte’s husband, mid to late thirties, Matthew’s former protégé, Dean of the university’s law school. It is immediately apparent why both Charlotte and in many respects, Matthew, have fallen in love with Vincent; he is the sort who quickly becomes, with little effort of his own, the center of gravity in any room he enters. He is at once genuine, charismatic, physically imposing, and humbly brilliant. Forged in the dog-eat-dog world of academia, he can also be, when pushed, a seasoned and brutal in-fighter.

Maryanne (a.k.a. Midge, Midgie, Mimi): A prickly, refusing-to-be-frail, native northeasterner in her late 60's, Maryanne has acted in many capacities for the Gibbon family over the past three decades, most notably as Matthew’s able Executive Assistant.

All roles are listed and all roles are available. Equity and Non-Equity are encouraged to audition. Actors will be given sides at the audition and will be available 20 minutes prior to the appointment time.

NJ Repertory Company
179 Broadway, Long Branch, NJ 07740

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