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Calling all Artists!

Urban Legends - The Streets of Manhattan
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International Deadline: September 13, 2009 - Culture Inside announces that it's newest competition and exhibition is open. Our October show will be based on artists interpreting the theme 'Urban Legends'.

The images, modern myths and stories, viral morality and horror tales that have come to own the meaning of the term, are part of the defining experience of modern life. Stories of accident and retribution, claims of the experience being close to the source and true ,” this really happened to a friend of a friend of mine” is something we have all shared in conversation or email. Films of fear and horror have capitalized on some of the stories because of how real and close they seem to us.

We take a position that an artist’s perception can be both inside and outside the experience. Works submitted for the exhibition are free to define the term and interpret it in a manner that can vary from playful, to literal, apocryphal, symbolic or literal. Many of these stories come from a delicious decadence that owes more to 19th century masters like Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker than to rationalist or realist authors or philosophers of our own day. In any case artists are free to let their imaginations run wild and take the theme wherever it can go.

Our plan is that part of the winning pieces will be placed on signs and displayed publicly on the streets of Manhattan New York starting October. The other pieces will be displayed in Frank Shifreen's studio and artist gallery in Manhattan for the length of the show.

The two-dimensional pieces can be in any artistic media but should be printed on vinyl or painted on canvas. We also plan to film and document each winning piece so that it will have a life on the web as well as the exhibit.


* Deadline for registration and submission is September 13, 2009
* September 21, 2009: Announcement of Winners and public prize winner.
* October, 10 2009: Opening walk - the street show begins (Manhattan / New York, USA)
* November 1, 2009 : It's Halloween & Finissage (Closing day)

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